Monday, August 30, 2010

Apple's September 1st "Special Event"

As any legitimate Apple fan can tell you, Apple will be holding a "Special Event" on September 1st, at 1pm as usual. However, that same fan may not be able to tell you what apple will be announcing at the event. There have been various leaked images about what may be announced, and of course, people have also shared their opinions of what will be announced, so today I'm going to take a different tack. Today, on The Tech Spot, you will find out precisely what this writer believes Apple should (and might) announce this coming wednesday. Are you ready?

1st: The iPod Touch 4th Generation
- Front and back facing cameras for Facetime. Unlike the iPhone 4, a jailbreak cant make this one work over 3G
- Flash Memory Upgrades
- 16GB for $199
- 32GB for $299
- 64GB for $399
- Gyroscope and Retina Display(like the iPhone 4)
- The release date will be no earlier than september 7th
- All models will have the same amount of RAM as the 32 and 64GB models from the 3rd generation
- the 8GB model will be discontinued
- The design will be more iPhone 4-esque, with a rectangular back side and similar or identical volume buttons.
- Hopefully, apple will include different color choices this time. Even white vs. black would be nice.

2nd: iPod Nano 6th Generation
- 3X3 inch touchscreen
- it will be an iOS device, but it will function with restrictions. No wifi means no safari, and no wirelessly downloading apps. All apps will need to be downloaded through itunes and synced to the device like music.
- Like the touch, it will have volume buttons similar to the new iphone

3rd: An Apple TV for $99?
4th: Updated iLife
BONUS:) - Some rumors are going around that say the new iPod Touch will have 3G, but it is much more likely that the iPod will not get a 3G version this year, but that it may actually get the option for 3G next year come september. This is very similar to what happened last year when it was rumored that the 3rd Gen iPod Touch would be getting a camera.

Thursday, July 01, 2010

New Design... Less Posts

As time went by, it became increasingly apparent to me that no matter how hard I tried to get people to read my blog, nothing would change... and that the few people that did read it every once in a while hardly ever left me any comments. So since my blogs were entirely for the benefit of others, and not myself, I ceased to write them. Despite everything, I have updated the design a little bit for the few stragglers that swing by every once in a while. To you odd few, Enjoy! :)