Monday, September 24, 2007

How bloody stupid can a guy possibly be?

Ok, if there is one person I cant possibly understand it would be president Ahmadinejad of Iran. I mean, he's so stupid, that I wont even add his name to my recognized words list on MS Word. I mean seriously, he must have an IQ of maybe 20 or 30, to actually say and believe that the holocaust didn't happen, and now he says the September 11th attacks didn't happen either. I just heard an interview with him on 60 minutes, and he wouldn't even directly answer any of the interviewers questions. The reporter kept having to say "Can I take that as a no sir?"

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Dev and Halo Extra Files

Hey people, I play halo a ton, almost everyday, and for those of you who make movies, or have lan parties with your friends, I thought you may want to be able to teleport places, and spawn vehicles when you want to.
so, i uploaded some of my favourite files to a server, so enjoy!

P.S. The text files are helpful, as well, they include command lists.

P.P.S. My halo ID is Laser, and my xfire is Laser1092... in case your wondering.

Here's The Link.

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

So... What's wrong with Microsoft?

Well... there are many things wrong with Microsoft. For one thing, it is their support. Below is everything that "sucks" about their support.

  1. There are relatively NO Americans operating the telephones.
  2. It isn't possible to receive any support without paying 35 bucks per request...and you still have to talk to the Indian guys
  3. On their website, you can never find anything... for instance, I was looking for a way to ask for support for my Halo PC game, and I could not find anything. Not even a forum.
  4. They are too oriented on getting more and more money... don't you think gates has enough? They make you pay for everything...and not everything works!
  5. Most of the Indian guys who help you on the phone have no clue what they are doing... they just read from a script.

Some information for the reader:

  • Please add any opinions in the comments (no spamming please)
  • when I refer somewhat rudely to indian guys on the phone, I only am talking about the ones who don't know english. Indian people in general are extremely smart, nice people.