Monday, November 20, 2006


Do we really need technology? Is it so important? Caveman survived fine without it... we were just fine until the 1800's. What has happened to the world? Now there are the next gen. consoles and all this crap that is unnesesary in the world. All it does is waste time. Think about it.... when is the last time you thanked god for providing you with that amazing halo game when you beat your best friend and claimed the title? Tell me, when you are 50 years old, will you be happy about your title? Will you look back and envy the times when you played halo, or will you call it a waste of time?

I was just looking on sony's playstation website and I watched the video that they have about the PS3's processor and what it can do. It freaked me out at the end when they asked if the PS3 is even smarter than the human. It puzzled me into wondering weather or not it is true. Now that I think about it... can you make a dream as detailed as a PS3 video game? Maybe you think you can but I highly doubt it.

I have to be honest, I own a bunch of technology. I have a psp, an ipod (which recently broke) a computer, an xbox, a phone, a calc, and other basic electronics including a toothbrush. Still, with out these accessories I would be fine. I would live better, and without as much stress than i do now. I also am the perfect person to tell you this for one reason. That reason is as follows: remember everything that I told you about earlier this paragraph? About my possessions? In November of last year (2005) I didnt have any one of those things (besides a house phone). Life was quite good then. Think about it people. Take your time before surrendering your life to technology, it has no mercy. Once you own it,you will never let go.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Mentos and soda

Ok, Ok get this, if you put a mentos in a soda pop bottle then it explodes! Awesome! I am doing it for a science fair project, should be good! Going to put in 30 mentos! Wish me luck! One thing you should know... it isnt a chemical reaction! It is a physical reaction. The mentos has little grooves or what not on it that make it explode. How does it do this? Here is how:
In carbonated pop, water molecules separate the carbonation molecules to keep it from exploding when you open the top, the mentos have a surface, so that when it is put into pop it separates the connected water molecules, allowing the pop to explode.

Friday, October 06, 2006

America should speak english!

Ok, Ok thats enough! Every time that i call a large company, a indian or chinese person picks up who cannot speak ingish very well! It is anoying. Now, i have nothing against chinese and indian people, i have tons for friends, its just that when they cant speak english and yet the speak on the phone for large companies customer service!!!!!! Ughhh! People, learn english please!

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Found it at last!

Thank G-d! I have found it at last! After about 8 months of browsing i have found the secret to stopping my theming addiction! Royale................... the awesome, the amazing, Windows Media Center Edition Beta 1 theme! It was removed once beta 2 came out and never reached the public, yet, i hold it in my hands! How did this happen? Microsoft accidentally leaked a single copy of it outside and it was spread to a few stlying download sites. However, most of the download files that are left are corrupt and only one copy exists anymore. That vopy is at the following url:
if it doesnt work, then i am terribly sorry because that is, as i said before, the only one left! If it is corrupt, not working, then post it as a comment on here and i will figure out a way to get a copy to you. I am 100% sure that this file isnt infected wiith a virus, as i have downloaded it, softpedia has it (virus free), and microsoft made it. Enjoy people!

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Theming XP

Theme, thats what its all about to me. I can never stop changing my computer, it IS an addiction. Yeah, its not that bad of an addiction, not like smoking or anything. I try to stop, really i do, just yesterday i decided that i didnt need to customize anymore, so I deleted the 30 some windows customizing files on my hard drive. My habbit is so bad, that today, those same files are back on! Now, some customizing stylers, and styles that i could recommened to my viewers are stylexp and wincustomize. Stylexp is great and lets you change your theme without actually using it (having it on and consuming ram) with wincustomize it has to be on and using ram. To get wincustomize i recommened 1GB of ram or more. 512 MB will work. Also, most of the vista themes are good (both). The mac themes are good, but the best ones are made by steve griener for wincustomize. If you can get him to make some msstyles (microsoft styles) then let me know! Next, please, please please, dont go replacing system files unless you are sure of what you are doing and/or a pro is helping you! Last but nowhere near least - i just fixed my computer from a horrible mess, it still shows the after effects, DO NOT i repeat DO NOT get object dock and make ur computer look like a mac unless you have more than 1GB of ram, mine basicly crashed! Good luck!

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Instant Messenger

Hey, All of you who love my site, well guess what!? I have just integrated aim, yim, and msn messenger into my website free for everyone to use, compliments of ( Enjoy!

This is mostly for those of you who cant download aim, yim, or msn, but even if you have it allready, i love it, and it works with your mobile and psp web browsers (for psp users go to my link for ebuddy) Feel free guys!

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Tengo Tiempo Libre

Yeah, um, for those of you who dont take espanol, that means, i have free time. Any way, what do you think about this Isreal sittuation now eh? Whats going on, they bomb Isreal so we bomb back, that just how it goes... how would you like it if someone said to america - Osama can bomb you, but you cant bomb osama because you are supposed to be nice and patient and wait to be DESTROYED! How would you like being told that?

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Mac OSX Tiger vs. Windows Vista

Ok, so mac osx is supposed to be cool...... what about Windows Vista people??? That thing is gonna be amazing! See through windows, sidebar, nice graphical imaging! it doesnt get much better than this!!!! Especially like the from Microsoft!!! Windows live, search live and desktop live are cool! Cant wait to see this stuff!!!

P.S. If you want to see an accurate simulation of windows vista than either download the beta: (this is a tutorial, (real thing)
or get windows blinds just to see how it looks; you need both below.
Windows Blinds:
Vista Look:


Seriously, what do the middle east nations hate about this country?? what did israel do to them? Israel was established in 1948 and has been fighting for its freedom with the same people ever since then! Also, the one thing that i really dont get is how the president of Iran has actually convinced his stupid self that the holocaust never happened!? 11 million people are wiped off the planet and he denies it!!!!!!!! Some one has got to stand up..... be strong..... be a hero......... and do something about this!!!!!!!!

IC3 Certification

Ok, i dont know about you but i just found a really cool program called tecnoventure that allows you to get college credit hours before you enter college!!! I sthat cool or what? It is for people who like..... but want to know more about computers. It isnt so difficult and you learn a lot! You have to take 3 tests and then you become ic3 certified and u get 5 hours of college credit!!! Also, when you pass each test you get either a usb flash drive, a laptop bag, or you are entered into a raffle to win a computer! Then after that, the next year you have an opporitunity to win a laptop and get 10 hours of college credit!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Mario Kart DS

Oh, and by the way my friend code on mario kart ds is (425263 - 627000) if anyone wants to play. I dont mod so itll be a fair match. (no modders please)