Monday, November 20, 2006


Do we really need technology? Is it so important? Caveman survived fine without it... we were just fine until the 1800's. What has happened to the world? Now there are the next gen. consoles and all this crap that is unnesesary in the world. All it does is waste time. Think about it.... when is the last time you thanked god for providing you with that amazing halo game when you beat your best friend and claimed the title? Tell me, when you are 50 years old, will you be happy about your title? Will you look back and envy the times when you played halo, or will you call it a waste of time?

I was just looking on sony's playstation website and I watched the video that they have about the PS3's processor and what it can do. It freaked me out at the end when they asked if the PS3 is even smarter than the human. It puzzled me into wondering weather or not it is true. Now that I think about it... can you make a dream as detailed as a PS3 video game? Maybe you think you can but I highly doubt it.

I have to be honest, I own a bunch of technology. I have a psp, an ipod (which recently broke) a computer, an xbox, a phone, a calc, and other basic electronics including a toothbrush. Still, with out these accessories I would be fine. I would live better, and without as much stress than i do now. I also am the perfect person to tell you this for one reason. That reason is as follows: remember everything that I told you about earlier this paragraph? About my possessions? In November of last year (2005) I didnt have any one of those things (besides a house phone). Life was quite good then. Think about it people. Take your time before surrendering your life to technology, it has no mercy. Once you own it,you will never let go.

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