Saturday, January 06, 2007

PS3 or Xbox 360?

Who knows which to get? Almost every day at school someone walks up to me just to ask me (the techy), what they should get; a ps3 or a 360. Now, i could sit down with them and give them a long, incredibly detailed explaination discribing to them the many variables that they need to know and all of the things that each system can do which would then lead them to believe that either system would fit their needs. Usually however they ask for the quick version, in which i describe to them only fractions of what each system can do which leads them to like or dislike the wrong system.
Now comes another question; what is a next generation console? The makers and consumers keep saying that these are the best, these are amazing. what about three years from now? Will there be a tri-generation console era (or something like that)? Will it have the amazing yet complex Xbox 720? What about the ps4? Oh, and you cant forget the nintendo shii! Every few years another one of these over priced games comes out. it seems like the makers want you to waste your money, its just ridiculous. Okay, now honestly, after reading this, will you still buy one? I know what my answer is. Yes. I too am intertwined in this spell, this trap, cast upon me by the pressures of our time. I however, will not buy a next generation console in this generation. I am going to wait until it becomes a this-generation console. I can wait and get a 360 when it only costs $150 in a few years. You all know that its gonna happen. Tell me, whats wrong with that?

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