Sunday, July 27, 2008

How to: create for ipod touch (including 2.0)

Today I will show you how to change the music and videos icons into one

Step 1a (2.0 only) : Open up /private/var/stash/Applications.uKJtRx

Step 1b (1.1.x only) : Open up /Applications/

Step 2 : Inside you will find (open it)

Step 3 : Copy the info.plist file (download here) to the folder and say yes to overwrite. Now respring (you can use Bossprefs from Cydia)

You're done. Now you have

Edit: For those of you having trouble finding stash, then do this:
Go to root, and press ctrl+a then go to commands>clear caches. (This works in WinSCP)
Then, you can just use the Applications folder in the root instead of stash.

Edit: Someone has made an application in Cydia that does this for you (on 2.0) it is called MobileMusicPlayer Flip. It is found in Tweaks.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Jailbreak your iPod Touch or iPhone 2.0

THe iPhone 2.0 software has just recently come out, and for those of you on macs, it is extremely easy to jailbreak your device because pwnage tool 2.0 came out a while back. What I am going to do is explain how to easily Jailbreak your device on a windows computer.
First, you will need a couple things.
1) Winpwn (
2) ipod/iphone 2.0 software (google this, I cannot provide a link)

Once you have those two things, you will need to open winpwn, and click "build ispw".

This is where it gets a little tricky. If you have an iPod, then continue reading. If you have an iPhone, then I will refer you to iClarified for their guide on iPhones.


So, if you have come this far, then you have an iPod Touch, the new ipod firmware, winpwn 2.0.x, and you have clicked ispw builder.
Now select the firmware file, and check install cydia.
Now click build ispw on the bottom left.
After a little while, your new ispw will be finished, and you can now click iPwner.
Select the file you just created with ispw builder, and it will pwn itunes to accept custom firmware.
Now place your ipod in DFU mode. If you dont know how to do this, then follow these instructions, otherwise skip the next step.

To enter DFU: Make sure your ipod is on. Now hold both sleep and home for exactly 10 seconds. Then, let go of sleep and continue holding home until itunes says it found your device and it must be restored. Your iPod screen should be completely black. If it shows a connect to itunes logo on its screen then you are in restore mode... not DFU.

Now click ok in iTunes and then shift+click Restore. Then select your new custom firmware file... and wait about 15 minutes.
You now have a shiny new ipod touch with cydia!

Friday, July 25, 2008

Who is on the site?

It's been a while

I've been pretty busy recently, I'm actually at a private college right now, and I havent had any time to post... especially while all of this iphone/ipod touch stuff is going on. For those of you who feel left out of the loop on the iphone and itouch jailbreaking and stuff... dont worry. I will be posting more about it asap. If you cant wait long enough for me to tell you how to jailbreak 2.0 on windows or even mac, then just post here and Ill respond back to your question.
I'm just going to say 2 things before I have to go.
Number one... I have a few sites that I check daily for news about cool tech stuff, and I thought I would share them all with you guys.
1. is a great microsoft info site
2. is basically a bunch of posts about new, cool things you can do in todays world.
3. is the BEST ipod touch website
4. is the best source for jailbreaking your ipod/iphone

The second thing I will say will be in the next post. It is a map that shows people currently on your website.