Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Mac OSX Tiger vs. Windows Vista

Ok, so mac osx is supposed to be cool...... what about Windows Vista people??? That thing is gonna be amazing! See through windows, sidebar, nice graphical imaging! it doesnt get much better than this!!!! Especially like the from Microsoft!!! Windows live, search live and desktop live are cool! Cant wait to see this stuff!!!

P.S. If you want to see an accurate simulation of windows vista than either download the beta: (this is a tutorial, (real thing)
or get windows blinds just to see how it looks; you need both below.
Windows Blinds:
Vista Look:


Seriously, what do the middle east nations hate about this country?? what did israel do to them? Israel was established in 1948 and has been fighting for its freedom with the same people ever since then! Also, the one thing that i really dont get is how the president of Iran has actually convinced his stupid self that the holocaust never happened!? 11 million people are wiped off the planet and he denies it!!!!!!!! Some one has got to stand up..... be strong..... be a hero......... and do something about this!!!!!!!!

IC3 Certification

Ok, i dont know about you but i just found a really cool program called tecnoventure that allows you to get college credit hours before you enter college!!! I sthat cool or what? It is for people who like..... but want to know more about computers. It isnt so difficult and you learn a lot! You have to take 3 tests and then you become ic3 certified and u get 5 hours of college credit!!! Also, when you pass each test you get either a usb flash drive, a laptop bag, or you are entered into a raffle to win a computer! Then after that, the next year you have an opporitunity to win a laptop and get 10 hours of college credit!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Mario Kart DS

Oh, and by the way my friend code on mario kart ds is (425263 - 627000) if anyone wants to play. I dont mod so itll be a fair match. (no modders please)