Monday, July 30, 2007

Trillian Astra available to public

Trillian astra is currently in alpha stage, meaning you have to sign up to test its functionality, but, for the average user, who only wants to use it for im, and not for testing, anyone can download and use it. There is also a way now to download and install the program using a patch. With this method anyone can use this application, not just alpha testers. Ill post more details on this later. I also have a U3 installer of trillian astra for USB Drives.

Tech Spot Forum Open!

Yes, I know its great news... the forum is finally open!
The forum is mostly for people to stop by and post any issues they may have about computers, and for anyone to come along and answer those questions.
I know itll start off a bit slow... but stick with it!
the forum address is here: Tech Spot

Friday, July 27, 2007

New look, feel, and name

Hey again, Ive just changed my blog address from to because I just became an IT Technician. Now Im here for tech help and tech info. I'm also working on a forum so that i can help people with their issues when they need help.
Oh, I also gave my blog a new look too, Im still constantly inproving, getting better everyday!

A+ Certification

Hey all, just got certified by comptia to be an A+ Technician! It's so cool, Now i can work at geek squad at best buy or something. Anyway, I got certified by taking an A+ course and then I took both the essentials and it technician test. They werent to hard if you read the book cover to cover, and you got to study a lot! It took me 6 weeks, and I got some good scores :). The max for each test is 900, and the minimum is 100. Passing score is 675 for the first test, and 700 for the second.
I got a 770 on the first test, and 850 on the second. The class was really fun, and I recommend that anyone who wants to be a technician take the test, or even the class. If you dont want to take the course, you only want to study alone, then you can just buy a book from me at a lower cost, and ill ship it to you. Just ask in the comments.

Saturday, July 07, 2007

Run Macintosh OS on a PC

Yes, its true, you can run the macintosh (osx 10.4.8) operating system on a pc (like a dell). Keep in mind that only apple developers are allowed to do this legally as of right now, but hopefully itll be available to all soon. To do this, please see testing grounds (another blog) for instructions and more.

testing grounds: