Friday, July 27, 2007

A+ Certification

Hey all, just got certified by comptia to be an A+ Technician! It's so cool, Now i can work at geek squad at best buy or something. Anyway, I got certified by taking an A+ course and then I took both the essentials and it technician test. They werent to hard if you read the book cover to cover, and you got to study a lot! It took me 6 weeks, and I got some good scores :). The max for each test is 900, and the minimum is 100. Passing score is 675 for the first test, and 700 for the second.
I got a 770 on the first test, and 850 on the second. The class was really fun, and I recommend that anyone who wants to be a technician take the test, or even the class. If you dont want to take the course, you only want to study alone, then you can just buy a book from me at a lower cost, and ill ship it to you. Just ask in the comments.

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