Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Theming XP

Theme, thats what its all about to me. I can never stop changing my computer, it IS an addiction. Yeah, its not that bad of an addiction, not like smoking or anything. I try to stop, really i do, just yesterday i decided that i didnt need to customize anymore, so I deleted the 30 some windows customizing files on my hard drive. My habbit is so bad, that today, those same files are back on! Now, some customizing stylers, and styles that i could recommened to my viewers are stylexp and wincustomize. Stylexp is great and lets you change your theme without actually using it (having it on and consuming ram) with wincustomize it has to be on and using ram. To get wincustomize i recommened 1GB of ram or more. 512 MB will work. Also, most of the vista themes are good (both). The mac themes are good, but the best ones are made by steve griener for wincustomize. If you can get him to make some msstyles (microsoft styles) then let me know! Next, please, please please, dont go replacing system files unless you are sure of what you are doing and/or a pro is helping you! Last but nowhere near least - i just fixed my computer from a horrible mess, it still shows the after effects, DO NOT i repeat DO NOT get object dock and make ur computer look like a mac unless you have more than 1GB of ram, mine basicly crashed! Good luck!

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