Thursday, October 05, 2006

Found it at last!

Thank G-d! I have found it at last! After about 8 months of browsing i have found the secret to stopping my theming addiction! Royale................... the awesome, the amazing, Windows Media Center Edition Beta 1 theme! It was removed once beta 2 came out and never reached the public, yet, i hold it in my hands! How did this happen? Microsoft accidentally leaked a single copy of it outside and it was spread to a few stlying download sites. However, most of the download files that are left are corrupt and only one copy exists anymore. That vopy is at the following url:
if it doesnt work, then i am terribly sorry because that is, as i said before, the only one left! If it is corrupt, not working, then post it as a comment on here and i will figure out a way to get a copy to you. I am 100% sure that this file isnt infected wiith a virus, as i have downloaded it, softpedia has it (virus free), and microsoft made it. Enjoy people!

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