Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Where to get Halo No CD Image

Hey, previously I said to email me to get the file for halo, but i got too many emails asking for it, then i realized that its too large for email. If you would like the file then go to http://rapidshare.com/files/35277749/HALOIMG.mds.html . If you email me asking for it, Im just going to send you a link to this page anyway. Thanks, enjoy. Also, if the link dies down, then please let me now in the comments and I will post a new one on mediashare.com.


D.A.B said...

Nice work,Itz good to have on comp tired of cd its annoying.

Daniel said...

i tryed to run setup.exe in the cd but it says not a valid win32 file or something along those lines

Anonymous said...

The link wont work for me. it says i have files downloading and i cant download it

TJ said...

the link works, its just that you have to click a few things before it can download.
what version of windows are you using?

TJ said...

o, right, my bad...lol.... daniel, the cd image is not for installing, that would be illegal. the cd image is only so that you dont have to play using a cd.
all you need to do is mount that image in deamon tools, and you wont need to have your halo cd in the drive.
if you want halo for free (and illegal, which is why i dont support it) then you can get it at any torrent search engine.