Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Apples new iPods

Well, one thing is for sure, apples new iPhone and iPod touch are the latest and coolest gadgets out there to date. They are very cool, and have a few features, but first a word of warning
I do not recommend the iPod or iPhone unless you plan on jailbreaking it to add more features
I mean, lets face it... Why would you pay 300 dollars for an iPod that has internet, but nothing to use it, and mac osx, but nothing to install?
Once you have jailbroken your iPod/iphone you can add extra apps like games, emulators, custom themes, and more. Also doing this allows you to put iPhone apps on the iPod.
Over all its very cool, but what I think is cooler is how I typed all this... On my iPod.

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