Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Aviary Photo Editor

I was recently surfing (the internet of course) and I found an awesome program over at UnEasySilence.com
It is called aviary, its a complete beta software suite of applications for image editing, and more. It is a private beta, so if anyone needs invites then post here and Ill send you one. I wont send them to you unless you post here with a valid username (be it google, aim, etc.) No annonymous posts.
I only have 5 invites, so act quickly.
The coolest application in my opinion is Dodo, watch the video here

(Video Created by A.viary.com)

The site is located here: http://a.viary.com/dashboard
and the uneasy silence page is here: http://uneasysilence.com/archive/2008/02/12969/


DarkFlash said...

Hey, mind sending me an invite?
It would be much appreciated

Laser said...

sure thing, I don't have your email address though

Anonymous said...

Hey, I'd love an invite if you've got any left.
Danke. :D

Laser said...

Invite sent. Enjoy! :)