Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Windows 7 Vs. Snow Leopard

So, Apple is secretly working on its next OS, 10.6 Snow Leopard, while Microsoft is very publicly working on its next iteration of windows: Windows 7 (Catchy name huh?)
The Onion has made a nice looking graph describing the difference between the two:
Compare Mac vs PC
And, although it is fuuny, I think the graph should look more like this:
What it should look like

To sum it all up... I think Windows 7 is going to be a huge hit when it comes out in Summer of next year, and I think it'll be just as big when the official beta is released in January. The leak of the beta is out now, and Ill let you know how it is once I've downloaded it, but Im sure itll be awesome. Its very exciting because Microsoft finally got it right. Windows 7 is definitely how vista should have been, it is smooth, simple and easy to use for ANYONE... even my grandma. I definitely recommend everyone to get Windows Seven when it comes out because microsoft has learned from their mistake *cough* vista *cough* and is correcting them. Windows 7 will be, unlike vista, released with major compatibility, have amazing performance, a nice EASY UI, and work well overall.

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