Saturday, January 10, 2009

Windows 7 Beta Keys

Windows 7 (by unknown
So, after following the guides from mydigitallife, keznews, and lifehacker, and then refreshing my browser into infinity... I finally got my windows 7 product keys (both 32 Bit and 64 bit). I figured out how to get more than just one of them, so I have a lot of extras. If anyone would like a key please just comment here and Ill send you one... Feel free to donate if you want to.


trev said...

hey can i please have a key?

thank you so much

Laser said...

Just comment here with your email or use an openID or something, and Ill figure out a way to get the key to you.
Remember not to put your email as
write it as "Joe [at] smith dot com" the influx of people to the site may bring people trying to steal emails and sell them for a profit.

thefloogadooga said...
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Anonymous said...

wow. mighty generous of you to offer it up. I can't donate right now, but if you have an extra I'd be much appreciative. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

oops.. 32bit if it matters

thefloogadooga said...

as ak said, i'd also be willing to donate

james [at] thefloogadooga [DOT] co [DOT] uk


Laser said...

Trev - I sent you one

Anonymous said...

I could use a 64 key if you could spare it. Doing.My.Part @ gmail dot com. Thanks.

shane said...


Can you send me a 32bit key please?

My email is:

bigwootz [at] gmail dot com

Thanks a lot!!!

Laser said... - sent you one.
Thanks to everyone for visiting my blog, please continue to come back and read more that I have on here, I have articles Ive written all the way back to '06.

vnrizzo said...

if you have a 32bit key I'd appreciate it

vnrizzo [at] gmail dot com


Anonymous said...

Would really like one ^^
lepponen (@)

Laser said..., I got a return message back from windows live telling me it couldnt find you... do you have a different address?

Anonymous said...

hey, i would like a 32-bit key if you have one :)
airmanshirk at yah00 dot com

I appreciate it :)

Anonymous said...

Hi. could i probably have a key too. you can send mi 32 or 64. please just say, for which version the key is.

my email:

Laser said...

Ok, Ive sent keys to

Im running out, but Ill give out as many as I can.... please keep reading my site, and donate if you want, Im trying to buy an iPhone! :D.

Anonymous said...

dont forget meee! :D

Jason said...

please can you send me the key for 64 bit?

jjr said...

could you please send key for 64bit thank you

Anonymous said...

nevermind i got 1 :D

Metiphisto569 said...

Could I please have a 32 bit?


Jason said...

please can you send me the key for 64 bit?

bumpgrumble [at] gmail dot com

Anonymous said...

Hi, I'd love a key please, thanks


You rock

Anonymous said...

I would love a 32 bit key if you have any extras

jigabite [at] yahoo dot com


Ashar said...

Can I plese have key. I have been tryng for HOURS.

thank you so much

Laser said...

jigabite and above have ALL been sent Keys.... I ran out of keys now, but I heard that they can be used more than once... can anyone confirm?
If they can be used like 10 times then I'll send out duplicates.

Laser said...

Ive confirmed that the keys work for many people, and I assume that you can activate each one as many times as you like until 2.5 million have been activated.
I'll now begin to email duplicates.
In like 10 minutes I kinda want to go pay gears 2 or Halo 3... so, get your Keys fast. :D

Saigon In Jingmen said...

can u send me a 32 bit one please?



Saigon In Jingmen said...

can i have one key for 32 bit please?


Thanks a million!

Laser said...

Ok, I'll post all of the keys now: they can all be used more than once.



PHilip said...

I would love a key