Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The Tech Life

In the past week or so I have found some absolutely incredible applications and programs that I garentee you I will use (and you should as well) for the next few years. Im just going to list them out for you, and then try to explain them, even though words cannot describe their greatness.
1) Windows Live Mesh
2) Orb Live
3) Intelliscreen
4) Trillian Astra

Windows Live Mesh is a new website that is under developement by Microsoft, basically it is a "mesh" of all your devices (PC's, windows mobile phones, Macs). It allows you to syncronize files between your devices, remote desktop your devices, and it even gives you a live desktop (or a cloud) which acts as a 5GB online storage device.

Orb Live is an amazing application that allows you to access all your media, files, and more over the internet. You can also stream Live TV, watch Internet TV, stream Media to your iPod Touch/iPhone, or even watch whats happening at your home computer (via your home webcam). Remember, it lets you do this from anywhere, so long as you have your orb accounts login and password.

Intelliscreen is an application made completely for the iPod Touch and iPhone. This app lets you view weather, ical, sports, news and more all from the lockscreen.

Trillian Astra is by far the best Instant messaging application ever known to man. it has the best user interface (looks the nicest), includes the most useful features, and has the best overall performance.
This app is in private beta/alpha, so it might be a good idea to visit your favorite torrent site in order to obtain it.

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Musavvir said...

man i missed you!
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