Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Easily Install Mac OSX on Dell Optiplex GX620 SFF (OUTDATED)

Edit: I have posted a new guide that makes this process much easier. Please read that instead.

Today I am going to show you how to install and dual boot Kalyway 10.5.1 (OSX Leopard) onto your Dell PC. My system specs are:
Optiplex GX620 SFF (small form factor)
2.5GB Ram
3.0 GHz Pentium 4 HT CPU
default intel onboard graphics chip
VGA output ^

I have vista installed already (home premium) and nothing else (not xp or linux).

What you will need:
Kalyway 10.5.1
Chameleon Bootloader
Vista Preinstalled (or XP)

Step 1:
Prepare your PC
You will need to shrink your XP/Vista Partition.
To do this in vista right click my computer and go to manage.
In XP you will need to find another program to shrink it because xp doesnt have this feature.
From there click disk management.
Choose your vista disc and rick click it>shrink partition
Choose a reasonable size of your liking. (I recommend about 40 GB)
Right click your new partition and create a new volume.

Step 2: Install
Turn off your PC and place the kalyway disc into the Drive
Press F8 when prompted and then enter -v
after about 8-10 minutes you will see the installer
open up disc utility from the menu bar and format your new partition (erase)
Now proceed through the installation until you are given two choices, install and customize. Select customize and select the MBR bootloader instead of the GUID bootloader.
Now click the install button.

Step 3: Final Procedure
about 20-25 minutes later you will be presented with the setup screen
set it up as you would like and then when it loads the OS open up iTunes. It will ask you to update, click yes or OK.
Then you will be presented with a few updates (probably 6)
Choose everything but the last one which should be 10.5.5
Do not update to 10.5.5 yet, we will do this in my next post in a week or so.
Once the updates are done please reboot the computer as it asks.
When your computer boots back up please install chameleon.

Now your computer will dual boot with Vista and Leopard.

Please ask me any questions you have in the comments.


Dillvill92 said...

U do it to mine, and i will get you a girl friend, and some moneyz, and some decaptcha.

cant wait for you to brag about it in study hall!

Laser said...

lol.. very funny dill. Sorry, but your old Dimension 4700 doesnt support osx86. We can try though.

Anonymous said...

would this worl on the dell optiplex gx620 with intel pentium 4ht ???????

Laser said...

@liam. Yes it would

Anonymous said...

sorry i mean dell optiplex gx520 with intel pentium 4ht