Monday, September 29, 2008

My Rant Against Apple

Alright, someone had to say it. I think it has gone on long enough. Apple has gone too far with their "get a mac" ads, and especially with the validity of their commercials. I have been using vista since 1 month prior to its official release and I have seen it grow into an absolutely amazing operating system. I used to enjoy the get a mac ads, they were funny and valid, and very cool to watch. I would always unmute the TV when a mac ad came on so that I could watch it... I always loved the apple guy.
Now everything has changed. Apple has lost all of their creativity and had to find something to gnaw on while they thought of something new... they found vista. When vista started up it did indeed have a lot of bugs, and some were very unpleasant. Apple exploited this weakness, and especially given the fact that Microsoft did nothing to counteract the torment; vista's reputation went down the drain only 2 months after release.
Now, vista is a wonderful operating system, with barely any bugs, especially as compared to how it was before. There are two major bugs left in my opinion - which I will point out to attempt to prove that my views are unbiased - and they are:

1) Slow file transfer/copying
2) Trouble moving/deleting/copying files that claim to be in use, even though they aren't.

Lets look at the mac side shall we? Of course the apple operating system is flawless right? Quite honestly, I am unable to answer that question myself. I dont own a mac, so I cannot point out any bugs. I can however point out many bugs in other apple products, but due to apples primary concern being making money, rather than customer satisfaction/appreciation - they still have not fixed them.

1) iPhone/iPod Touch clock sync bug. Every time you plug in your ipod to itunes, the date will set itself back approximately 15-35 days.
2) iTunes intense slowness. I have never seen iTunes work as fast as it should, even though windows media player and others work just fine. I dont understand why it takes so incredibly long to find search results in the iTunes Store when google can find millions of results in .03 seconds.
3) Wifi problems on the iPod Touch 2G. Requires the user to turn the Wifi on and off twice before it will work again. A reboot rarely fixes this.
4) No flash player on iPhone? Seriously wtf mate?
5) No notes sync (unless you have leopard ($149) and mobileme($99))
And many more...

Vista works great for me, and my system is more than 2 years old. It doesn't have a vista compatible sticker on it and dell doesn't even ship vista with this model, however, it works great.

Here are some things that I require from Apple before I will ever be able to buy a mac in good conscience:

- Focus more on the customer, not on the money they bring.
- Sell OSX for Dells and other Computers... you'd end up making more money from people that would never end up buying a mac anyway.
- Stop killing competition, in a capitalist society it is necessary to compete for business. Apples grip over the Appstore is horrific and needs to be loosened.
- Quit ragging on other companies products in order to gain customers; this is the world of computers, not politics. Every time I listen to your damn ads I see noses beginning to grow longer. If you guys need to destroy other businesses in order to increase your own sales... well, I guess that doesnt say much about your confidence in your product does it?
- Listen to your feedback! We submit that stuff for a reason, it is a huge list of what we (the customers) want, and it means that you can make more money by making it for us. Apple, add a radio, use the bluetooth, integrate features of the jailbreak, and then create a new design and - boom! - you've got a new device that you can easily sell to millions of people for 300 bucks each!

I hope this impacts some of your decisions on whether you should get a mac or not... if I were you, I would go out and install osx on a pc... maybe if we do it enough then Apples capitalistic side will show and they will realize that they probably should remove the EFI restrictions and start to sell OSX for all computers.


J5ff said...

I have a note sync software
And the flash thing is easy to understand. If there was a flash plugin people would play flash based games on their iPhone instead of buying them. Also Adobe is not in the business to give anything, I guess they're asking Apple for some millions to publish their plugins. Nothing have been said, but you can imagine there's big money in play here.

Laser said...

what is the notes sync program that you have? It is most likely mac only which doesn't help us windows users. Also, adobe has already developed flash for the iPhone. They just are waiting for apple to give the go-ahead.