Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Trillian Astra Beta Leak!

A while ago I posted about Trilian Astra becoming available to the public through torrent sites, recently however, I found a link directly from Cerulean Studios that you can download Trillian's current version from.

Cerulean Studios:

Build 83 features some massive new features for Trillian Astra, including official IRC and Facebook support with a few additional improvements to the user interface. As always, we’ve also fixed a handful of important bugs in our ongoing road to completion. New in 83:
- Facebook support: In addition to MySpace, Facebook join the ranks as the tenth service in our planetary system, denoted by the colors blue and aquamarine. Our first implementation features a News Feed, Notifiers for News Feeds, (instant update ‘toasts’ shown through windows near your system tray) and a Status Message update tool. You can now type in the Status Message edit area and update the status across all IM services and Facebook as well!
- IRC support: In response to our enthusiastic power user community, we’ve brought back our IRC plugin and updated it with some fantastic new features, such as brand new Chat Room and Server Browsers, channel management tools, encryption support, and a lot more advanced features.
- Better mail Info Cards: Info Cards for mail services such as Gmail have been updated with a new layout. Now they display name and excerpts from each email, as well as the icon of the domain where the mail was sent from.
- Cleaner Notifiers: We’ve cleaned up the layout for system tray Notifiers, where buttons will only be visible when you move your mouse cursor over them.
- Quick Reply through Notifiers: You can now have Trillian notify you when new messages arrive in a new or existing private chat session and quickly reply to them through Notifiers near the system tray. Like inside Chat Windows or on the tabs of Tabbed Containers, these Notifiers also show chat messages in neat chat bubbles.

You can download Trillian from HERE
And download the patch here

To install:
Run trillian-v4.0a-current.exe
When finished DO NOT press Launch, Close application instead.
Place patch.exe in C:\Program Files\Trillian
Run patch.exe and click patch
Click the browse icon
Navigate to /plugins
choose astra.dll
click finish

All done, now open trillian!


Tsunari said...

You didn't say what happens after you open Trillian. It asks if you'd like to register a new account or if you have one. If you choose the former, it requires a 'Token'

Laser said...

tokens are required for beta testers. If you use the patch however, it will allow you to login without a real account.
Male up your own username and password.

Scattered said...

The patch has been deleted, thus this download can no longer work successfully.