Tuesday, September 23, 2008

iPod Touch G2 Still not Jailbreakable

The iPhone Dev Team and Chronic Dev Team still haven't been able to Jailbreak the new iPod Touch. The new processor has destroyed the exploit that was found in the old processor, so the method that pwnage used no longer works on the new iPod. Hopefully they will find a way soon... very soon. In my opinion an iPod Touch G2 is worth only half as much as a Jailbroken G1 on 2.1
The speakers are quite amazing though.


cdev said...


In our SVN, we have a program called iRecovery. We are not sitting on our hands. This program is major progress, as we can communicate with the bootloader and receive a response. Now all we need to do is find the exploit, all the hard work, in the sense of actually implementing it, is done.

Laser said...

Well, that's good news!
I look forward to being able to JB my new device
Thanks for the info cdev.