Sunday, August 16, 2009

My new macbook pro

I just sold my old (although it was less than a year old) sony vaio and replaced it with a macbook pro. It was a solid purchase, and I am very happy. It is a great machine, but i cant wait for snow leopard to be released because safari and finder keep crashing on me.
Overall, the differences between my new mac and my old vaio are as follows:
Magsafe adapter
7 hour battery
multitouch trackpad
battery indicator lights
time machine.... there is nothing like it on windows
extremely useful Fn keys. I use the itunes controls, the screen brightness and keyboard brightness adjusters every day. I also love the volume controls and quick access to dashboard.
awesome dvd drive...
beautiful, in every respect

Wait, apple thinks User Account control is annoying?! They make you enter your password and give confirmation for everything!
Crashes more often than my old pc (running windows 7)
the eject button... if your going to put it there, why not make it eject a flash drive when it is selected also?
cannot write to ntfs drives or fat drives quickly. might be microsoft's fault.
lack of windows features: I'm used to having some features in operating systems i use by default, and after switching to mac I realized that it doesnt have everything that windows has, here are some examples:
A delete key on the keyboard, not backspace.
Restore files from trash
maximize windows
switch tasks easily... in leopard if you have two safari windows open alt+tab does not switch you to the other window, only a different application
jumplists... i know they arent even out yet, but osx 10.7 needs them.

Overall, I am very happy that I bought a mac, and I actually dont think I'll be installing windows on it. I feel somewhat like a traitor for getting both and iphone and a mac, rather than a windows mobile phone like the htc touch pro 2 and a dell... I really dont like apple due to their extreme overpricing, but its harder than it looks to boycott on principle ;D

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