Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Internet Explorer 8 Beta 2 available for download

Quote: Betacentral
According to AeroXperience, Internet Explorer Beta 2 has just been released internally, it is available publicly, but it is not on the IE8Blog or on Microsoft's IE8 Beta page (beta 1 is still there).
If you have windows vista or windows server 2008 then please follow this link to download it:
if you have any other version then please visit:


I have just downloaded and installed IE8 and here are my results and my review:

Here are some screenshots of IE8 in action:

Full Page:
Free Image Hosting at Compatibility View:

Suggested Sites:
Image Hosted by

Content page in IE Options
Image Hosted by

Privacy Page in IE Options
Image Hosted by

The toolbar:
Image Hosted by

Safety Dropdown on toolbar
Image Hosted by

Tools Dropdown on toolbar:
Image Hosted by

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