Saturday, August 02, 2008

Mediafire gets greedy

I have been an avid mediafire fan since December of '07 and they have remained free and easy to use the whole time, but I guess everyone gets greedy...
I remember when rapidshare was free, megaupload was free, and more.
Then I found mediafire and fell in love with it because it had more features than rapidshare and megaupload... and it was free.
Now that all has changed. Mediafire has gotten greedy and has blocked access to features it used to provide for free such as SSL, Direct DL links, and no ads.
Now you must pay about 70 dollars a year for that.
I guess they feel that it would be worth it for the free users because they get a new GUI for uploading stuff... I only have one thing to say to that; I need a new host for my files.

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