Monday, August 25, 2008

New iPod Models to come out before Christmas

According to many sources new iPod models will be comming out before Christmas this year. So far we know of a new iPod Nano, and a new iPod Touch. All iPods will see a price drop to due to the new low price of the iPhone, and the iPod Touch will receive a new design and a $100 price drop. Hopefully new features will be added into this model of the iPod Touch, and I have drawn some concept art to illustrate what I hope will be included.

Drawing 1 Drawing 2
The things I think are most important are Bluetooth and voice chat... all we can do is hope.
More things that have been confirmed so far are:
1) The iPod Touch Gen 2 (When released) will ship with the 2.1 software pre-installed.
2) The new iPod Nano will have a much larger screen ratio then it has had before

I will add things as apple confirms them

I can't wait, if the new iPod Touch has more features then Ill easily hand over $200 for it.


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