Sunday, August 10, 2008

iPod Touch: so what now?

Ok, so you just got Winpwn, you pwned your iPod with the new firmware, and you have installer and everything. Now you might be wondering... what is so great about this? What can I do with it now?
Well, I'm just about to show you!
To begin, you all should have this image as your homescreen:
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The first thing I do is I configure my Wi-fi.
To do this, open up settings>Wi-Fi>(My SSID) and then type in your password if needed.
Now you should be on Wifi.
What I like to do now is install the basic needs of any Jailbroken device. Let's open up Cydia. When you first open Cydia you will most likely get an Essential upgrade message like this:
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Go ahead and click Upgrade, and then confirm (top-right).
When everything is done upgrading, click return to Cydia. Now click on the Changes tab on the bottom. Almost everyone should find a few changes available. Just click upgrade all, and then confirm.
Now we can actually install what we want to install! :D
Click Close Window and then move to the Install tab. In Utilities install Customize, Bossprefs, and Transformer.
In Terminal Support install MobileTerminal.
In Networking install openSSH.
Now press The Home button.
You should see all of your new apps there right? Just kidding... you shouldn't see any change yet. You need to respring. Sadly, since we cant use Bossprefs yet.. we have to perform a full scale system reboot. Go ahead and do that.
When you return from your only short reboot ever (the more apps you have the longer a reboot takes) please open Settings>General>AutoLock. Set that to 5 or Never. You will need one of those unless you have insomnia installed.
Now return to Home. You should see all your new applications there. I have a certain order I like, so I'll go ahead and set that up now.
For those who are curious, I like it like this:
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Cool right? :D But now some of you caught something... I have an iPod app instead of a Music and video icon. To do this, open up Transformer (it's on page 2) and click: combine media apps. Then Respring.
Cool! Now we have a nice Jailbroken iPod with some cool apps on it. Are we done? Not even close!
Now go ahead and set up your mail, get all your basic apps functioning as they should, and Ill update you further in a few minutes.

Ok, welcome back... now lets set up bossprefs.
Open it up and click Understood (read it first, its there for a reason).
Now turn on Wi-Fi, and SSH and keep Bluetooth and Edge off. Click Config and turn off Edge, New Edge Toggle, 3G, and Bluetooth.
Now Open up your favorite SSH Program (like WinSCP) and lets do some modding. Don't worry, it will be easy for those of you who are Technologically challenged. Normally I'd say, lets go in and add features to the Preferences app... but I think that could be too difficult for some of you, so I wont go there. If you want me to post that anyway, let me know and Ill make another post about it later. It may be tricky using winSCP with your iPod the first time, but if you mess around with it enough it'll work.
Now what we are going to do is we are going to modify the iPod to accept Custom/Cracked applications. To do that please follow the guide located here
Now guess what? You're done! Just sync your iPod to your PC and thats it, you'll have the cracked apps, and a nicely setup iPod Touch.
Enjoy! :D

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