Monday, November 10, 2008

Add extra features to Windows Seven Build 6801
Last week, I revealed a weird protection scheme around some unfinished features in Windows 7 (build 6801). I provided a buggy tool to enable the new Taskbar, then teased everyone with other features such as gestures, panning, and Desktop Slideshow. It wasn’t intentional, I just needed some time to rework the unlocking tool, which went faster thanks to some code snippets from my Vize friend surrounding the headaches of TrustedInstaller and PendingFileRenameOperations.

As the dialog indicates, patched files are not backed up. I suggest all users back up, by copying into a temporary folder somewhere, the following files:

Understanding the risks involved in patching core system files, you may download a copy of the tool for x86 or x64 (available tomorrow). Please keep in mind this tool is not affiliated, sponsored, supported by, written by, or endorsed by Microsoft Corporation.

This tool is absolutely amazing and what it enables is well worth it. The only problem is file backups. I created a batch file to backup your files, download it here and run it before you install the bluebadge file from here

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