Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Windows Seven: First Impressions

Ok, so, if you have been following my blog lately you probably know that I have been switching operating systems pretty frequently as of late, and that I now have XP, Vista, Leopard (10.5.1) and Seven at my disposal. If you havent been reading, then I'll catch you up. I have recently installed leopard on my machine and converted my old vista installation to a virtual machine. The vista VM was very slow, so I decided that I needed a new operating system of some sort. I downloaded and installed windows seven build 6801 in VMware and it worked great so I decided to use it as a main operating system in my bootloader.
Now I have come down to a final solution. The following will be my installation plan for the next few months. I have decided to partition my 140GB HDD into 2 partitions. The partition scheme is as follows:
I will install Windows on Partition 1 using 60 GB and Leopard on Partition 2 using the remaining 80 GB. I will store my pictures and media files on my External HDD so they may be shared on both operating systems.
My windows partition will house my copy of windows seven milestone 3, and I will upgrade it when the official windows seven beta is released in december, and then to the final version of windows seven in late '09.
My mac partition will house mac osx leopard. It will include XP, Vista, and 98se in virtual machines. These will mainly be used for testing and helping people with computer problems.
I will be running windows live mesh to synchronize my documents folders between my two main operating systems, and I am using plaxo to sync contacts and calendars. iTunes and iPhoto will sync with my external HDD which will in turn sync with windows seven's pictures and media libraries. I'll be using address book and ical in mac (not entourage), and I'll use windows calendar and windows contacts in vienna (I like to refer to Windows Seven by its code name).

I also have some pictures of my windows seven virtual machine installation for you to look at while I go copy my Vista virtual machine's files over to my external HDD. They are not of any special new features or anything, just of the installation mostly.
Here you go:

Here is a video of the new glow of the vienna start button.

Original Video- More videos on Youtube

I'll post new images (below) of windows seven features as I see them:

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