Thursday, November 13, 2008

Microsoft: Reflection on The Redmond Company

So, after watching Microsoft unveil all this new stuff at PDC 2008, and with all the hype about Microsoft right now, I figured I'd jot down my thoughts about them.
So far, I have been extremely impressed by how much Microsoft has improved everything that they do as a company - over the past year. I watched them first unveil windows live messenger beta 9 quite a while back, and I thought that it was really cool, but then later I saw them release the Tech Preview of Windows Live Mesh; I was blown away. I immediately began to use the preview of mesh, even though I only owned a single computer with one operating system at the time. It helped me to get files off my computer from school, and backup my important files online. Little did I know that this would turn out to be just a small achievement of the Redmond company.
Recently, Microsoft's two largest and best releases have been Windows Seven Build 6801 and the Windows Live Services. I am shocked by how improved wave 3 was compared to wave 2 (of windows live) and the azure site impressed me even more. Silverlight has really helped make all of Microsofts website look stellar and I'm sure it will push them back into the average home user's life.
On the topic of Windows Seven, I want to say just how much I love this operating system. I love how it has fixed every single bug I ever had on vista, I love its new countless features like the new calculator, paint, wordpad, superbar, aero peek, aero shake, jumplists, ie8, windows media player 12, system tray, network discovery, and... well, you get the point.
This operating system (in its full version), especially when integrated with windows live wave 3 (in its full version) will definitely make Microsoft a dominant company that controls the market, just like it did in the XP years, and like apple does now. Thankfully microsoft PCs are much less expensive then Apple computers!
I can't wait to buy windows seven when it comes out, and I also can't wait to try it on my new laptop... I mean; that's another story.

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