Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Microsoft Mesh Pack

So, apparently,
"Microsoft has finally developed some real live Live Mesh apps that put the system to use. The four apps—called the MeshPack—include a collaborative crossword app, a digital bulletin board, a list sharing tool, and a collaborative group-polling tool. Unfortunately you need a PDC code to actually download any of them" -Lifehacker
When I read this I began to think...
I visited the website Microsoft Mesh Pack as directed, where they ask you for a PDC code. I didnt believe I had one of these, so I began trying things that might make sense, like "live mesh" and "windows" and such. Then I realized something... It was mentioned to me before that we could use our windows vista beta codes to install windows 7, and so I decided to try using that code on this website... maybe that was the PDC code microsoft spoke of?
In short, it kinda worked. I gained full access to the Dev Center for windows live mesh and windows azure, but I couldnt seem to find links to download the 4 new applications anywhere.
I took a lot of screenshots of my endevour, please feel free to look at them; I'm sorry that they arent in order.

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